Storm Emergency Kits For Cars: Multi-Tools And Other Essentials

 Storm Emergency Kits For Cars: Multi Tools And Other EssentialsJust as it is important to have your family and home prepared for emergencies with an emergency kit, it is equally essential to create a kit for your car. This car kit will ensure you are prepared for any unexpected roadside or weather emergency you may find yourself in. Make sure this emergency preparedness kit has similar items to the one in your home, including a multi-tool and an LED flashlight or headlamp.It doesn’t take a ginormous car to carry all of the items above. In fact, most are small and compact and can fit anywhere. If your car is on the smaller end, just use your best judgment regarding which items to keep and which to take out of your emergency kit. No matter what items you have in your kit, make sure you understand how to use them, especially your multi-tool, headlamp, traction equipment and jumper cables. For a majority of the items, you can keep them in a plastic tub in your trunk.

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iphone5screenprotector Storm Emergency Kits For Cars: Multi Tools And Other Essentials

Lake Forest (Santiago Canyon) Fire footage (California) FULL

Lake Forest (Santiago Canyon) Fire footage (California) FULL

Here is a collection of video I took this evening and some photos at the end of the fire that took over the canyon. This fire is in the Irvine/Foothill Ranch…

THese fires threaten homes every year people are in danger.  I read some things at that got me thinking on how to stay safe.

Disaster Survival Kits Will Save Lives

Disasters are most likely to happen anytime, anywhere. With the kind of weather the world has right now, things can go full swing in brewing possible disasters. Take for instance, the winter season. Blizzards frequently occur up in the Northern portion of the country while the coastal regions are looking into the threats of hurricanes.

During summer, the heat el….

Water Storage Will Save Your Life Better Than Food

Did you know that it is more important to store clean water in case of an emergency than it is to store food? There are many reasons for this fact, but the first may or may not be obvious to you.

Did you know that if there were a terrorist attack, that water supply would most likely be the first thing that gets cut off? Did you know that your city water s….